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Community Vulnerability to COVID-19 in Fiji

In May 2022, MA (INTS) candidate, Erin McPhail, and ECRG alumnus, Dr. Kerrie Pickering, travelled to Nadroga-Navosa Province on the Island of Viti Levu, Fiji. This research forms part of the global COVID Observatories project undertaken in collaboration with 24 Indigenous Peoples in 14 countries. Over a 7-week period, the researchers worked together with iTaukei and the Nadroga-Navosa Provincial Council (NNPC) to conduct interviews and workshops to document how local populations have experienced and responded to the global challenges of COVID-19. This ongoing research project aims to identify areas of vulnerability and resilience for iTaukei food systems, and recommendations will be made to strengthen resilience, enhance adaptive capacity, and contribute to equitable policy development.

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