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ECRG's Madeleine Describes Experience to Bodø, Norway

Undergraduate student and ECRG lab member Madeleine Fisher recently travelled to Bodo Norway as a representative of UNBC to the Arctic Congress. She shares her experience below;

"While it was strange to know my graduation ceremony was happening over 6000 kilometers away from me, I wouldn’t change a thing. Attending the Arctic Congress and representing the Northern Studies program at UNBC has been an incredible opportunity, full of connection, adventure, and learning, as well as both old and new friendships. Scientists, researchers, policymakers, and leaders from across the planet shared their work through panels, presentations, and posters. Witnessing the passion and perseverance that these individuals have poured into their work has been incredibly inspiring. In my time in Bodø, Norway, I have participated in many academic sessions full of illuminating discussion. I have also taken part in Congress activities across this Arctic city, from hikes to networking events, and even a visit to Saltstraumen, one of the strongest tidal currents in the world. I am incredibly grateful for my time here, and will never forget this vibrant experience."


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