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ArcticNet 2022

MSc NRES Candidate Stephanie Chan, MA NRES Candidate Annie King, and MNRES Candidate Halena Scanlon all traveled to Toronto from Prince George to represent the ECRG at the 18th Annual Scientific Meeting of ArcticNet. From December 4-8, 2022, they attended plenaries, and topical sessions alongside students, professors, and locals from various Arctic communities.

Stephanie gave a presentation titled "Are All Fish the Same? Individual Specialization in an Arctic Fish Population" that was featured in the session Mar02 Fish and fisheries in the Canadian Arctic and beyond. She also presented her work at the poster session in the Marine Science category.

Annie presented her work on "Sahtu Dene and Metis Engagement in the Closure and Reclamation of the Norman Wells Oilfield" at the poster session in the Social Science category.

The conference was an excellent opportunity to share the work being done by the ECRG and learn more about current arctic research.


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