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Some of the communities we have or are currently working with are located in the Canadian Arctic, Australia, Pacific Islands Region and British Columbia. Below are details about our work in each region. Click on the image to see our past and current projects in each region.



In the Canadian Arctic, we work on issues including, climate change vulnerability and adaptation, subsistence hunting, food security, education, traditional knowledge generation and transmission and knowledge co-production for understanding changes in wildlife important to Inuit for subsistence.

In Australia, we work on issues including Indigenous land management, cultural heritage management, climate change vulnerability and adaptation, the geography of surfing and sustainability. 

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British Columbia

In British Columbia, we work on issues including the cumulative impact of resource development and climate change for communities, natural resource conservation, and sustainability.

Our research in the Pacific Islands Region includes research with communities in Fiji and Tuvalu. We work on issues including the cumulative impacts of resource development and climate change, food security, social value mapping, and climate change vulnerability and adaptation.


Pacific Islands Region

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