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ECRG Joins the Global Indigenous Peoples Observatory Network (IPON)

ECRG recently joined the Indigenous Peoples Observatory Network (IPON), a network of Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers, decision-makers, community members, and NGOs across the globe. The aim of this project is to understand the climate-food-health nexus from the bottom-up, drawing upon Indigenous and scientific knowledges to co-produce adaptation and mitigation strategies for climate change and provide benefits for biodiversity.

This project includes research conducted by and alongside more than 100 Indigenous communities in 17 countries, including; Fiji, Namibia, the UK, Bolivia, the U.S., Ghana, Peru, Uganda, Canada, Kiribati, South Africa, Argentina, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Sri Lanka, Australia, and India.

The roles of our team vary in this project across global scales!

Dr. Tristan Pearce is a Principal Investigator on the project, and will oversee the governance of the project, lead case study research in Fiji and Northern Canada, and will Chair the comparative analysis and knowledge sharing components of the project.

Lenworth Reckford is a research associate who will be working on the IPON project as an IPON General where he will share his knowledge of food systems and food security.

Yanik Rozon is a collaborator from her work in Fiji where she focuses on nature-based solutions for adaptation to cumulative impacts of climate change and human activities through a case study of marine protected areas.

Halena Scanlon is a collaborator from her work in Ulukhaktok in the Canadian Arctic where her research is focused on engaging Inuit Traditional Knowledge to better understand the impacts of climate change on Arctic Char.

Mackenzie Ostberg is a collaborator from her work in British Columbia's mountains where her research focuses on identifying how communities in the Robson Valley are exposed and sensitive to snowpack change and water insecurity, and their capacity to adapt.

Rubi Briones Venegas is a collaborator from her work in Peru and Bolivia where her research, alongside IPON members, is focused on the threats posed by climate change to human health and food security.


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