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Mangrove planting with OISCA Fiji in Korotogo, Nadroga, Fiji

This week Kerrie and Renee were lucky to spend the morning with Oisca Fiji and students and staff of Nokonoko District School and Nadroumai Primary School in a mangrove planting and awareness session. Activities occurred on the Korotoga foreshore where Oisca Fiji and local communities established the Korotogo Mangrove project in 1993.

Boy, were we blown away by the passion and knowledge of the Oisca staff and the school students alike!! Together, we planted 1000 mangrove seedlings and removed plenty of rubbish from the surrounding area. It was an honour for us to see and hear how communities and organisations are working together to preserve and protect the mangrove ecosystem to help ensure marine biodiversity and food security for future generations.


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