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ArcticNet ASM in Winnipeg

Our team had a very eventful week at the ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting in Winnipeg, Canada, held 5th - 9th December, 2016. Everyone engaged with student day and the ASM, including posters, presentations, networking, supporting colleagues and building new relationships with Inuit, University, Government and NGO researchers.

Congratulations to:

  • Eric Lede for coordinating a successful 'Student Day' with the support of others including David and Kate. It was a major undertaking and your efforts were reflected in the quality of the panels, presentations and workshops.

  • Linnaea Jasiuk for being awarded the Inuit Recognition Award for her poster "Inuit women's conceptualisations of, and approaches to, health in a changing climate" and 3rd place in the 'human and health sciences' category of the Poster competition. This is a prestigious award that recognises the importance of the research for Inuit and the meaningful engagement of Inuit throughout the research. This award compliments last year's award given to Geneviève Lalonde. 

  • Devin Waugh for presenting his research "Inuvialuit TEK of beluga whale in a changing climate in Tuktoyaktuk, NT" as a poster and oral presentation.

  • Geneviève Lalonde for presenting her research "Cultural negotiation of Inuit education" as an oral presentation.

  • Eric Lede for presenting his research, "The role of multiple stressors in adaptation to climate change in Paulatuk, NT" as a poster. 

  • David Fawcett for presenting his research, "A Longitudinal Approach to Assessing Vulnerability to Climate Change in Ulukhaktok, NT, Canada" as a poster and oral presentation.

  • Linnaea Jasiuk for presenting her research, "Inuit women's conceptualisations of, and approaches to, health in a changing climate" as a poster and oral presentation.

  • Elizabeth Worden for presenting her research, "Changing human-beluga relations and subsistence hunting in the Canadian Arctic" as a poster.

  • Kate MacMillan for presenting her research, "Ecological indicator assessment for arctic marine protected areas in the Beaufort Sea, Canada" as a poster.

  • Kevin Scharffenberg for presenting his research, "Passive acoustic monitoring of beluga habitat use in the Mackenzie Estuary" as a poster.

  • Colleen Parker for representing World Wildlife Fund (WWF) at the ASM and continuing to build relationships with Inuit, University, Government and NGO researchers across the Arctic

  • Tristan Pearce for presenting on two panel discussions (making research matter and sustainable resource development in the Arctic) and giving an oral presentation on "Inuit TEK, subsistence hunting and adaptation to climate change in the Arctic."

  • Tristan Pearce and Linnaea Jasiuk for facilitating the Student Day Workshop, "Building community-researcher relationships."

To see all of that in writing is incredible! Congratulations to everyone involved.

We are currently working to get the audio/visual footage uploaded onto our YouTube page which will be shared shortly. Watch this space!


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