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"Green Energy", Sami Reindeer Herding, and Justice

Julie Forrest is studying at Ájtte, a Sámi museum and cultural center, in Northern Sweden as part of the UNBC Travelling Knowledges program. She is working with Dr. Karin Beland Lindahl and Dr. Christina Allard, Luleå University of Technology on a project that addresses Indigenous rights, land use planning and justice, through a study of the northward expansion of ‘green energy’ (windfarms, mining) on Sámi lands. She is also assisting the research unit at Ájtte in their search for collaborative planning tools for land use conflicts between Sámi reindeer herders and mining activity in the region. Julie's research contributes to an UNBC Independent Study (GEOG 499) supervised by Dr. Tristan Pearce.

When not studying, Julie is exploring the wonders of life above the Arctic circle.


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