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Angus Presents Findings of 'Regional Report: Indigenous Peoples' Food Security in the Arctic Region

On 24th September 2019, Angus traveled to the headquarters of Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations in Rome to present the findings of a report on the state of food security for Indigenous peoples of the Arctic region to the Expert Seminar on Traditional Knowledge and Indigenous Peoples' Fisheries in the Arctic. 

The seminar brought together over 40 speakers, with stakeholders in attendance from Indigenous organisations, governments, other universities, and the FAO.  Its primary focus was to "share perspectives and exchange experiences on traditional knowledge and Indigenous peoples' fisheries in the Arctic region" in order to "guide and support Indigenous peoples' fisheries policy". Emergent themes from the seminar included the need for stronger adoption and incorporation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in national and regional policies and legislation, and a need to embrace the significant role that Indigenous knowledges can play in wildlife management and the governance of Indigenous food systems. 

Angus' presentation comprised the keynote for the second day, and is available in full as a webcast, along with the seminar declaration and presentations by other stakeholders, at: 


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