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UArctic Congress 2021

UArctic Congress 2021 is taking place from May 15 to 18, primarily online with limited local participation in Reykjavik, Iceland for the opening and closing plenaries.

Dr. Tristan Pearce (Thematic Network Member, Local-scale Planning, Climate Change and Resilience) presented on Traditional Knowledge and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Canadian Arctic in the session entitled Local Environmental Change and Planning for Resilience Across the Arctic.

This session aimed to contribute to the priority theme People and Communities in the Arctic (Resilient Communities). In particular, this session will explore local climate stressors (impacts) from across the Arctic, and discuss the decision-dynamics around why and how communities incorporate (or fail to incorporate) planning for adaptation into strategic policy and practice. Further, this session highlighted the importance of meaningful engagement of local communities and key stakeholders throughout the policy and planning process.


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